Maintenance of your Ed's Floor Sanding surface to keep that new look


Outdoor shoes will inevitably bring in dirt of some sort be it grit, small stones, sand etc.  This dirt acts in the same way as sandpaper and will scuff the floor surface.  Mats on both sides of the door entrances can help alleviate this problem together with runners in areas where there is the heaviest traffic.

Direct Sunlight

As with most furnishings, even of the best quality, direct sunlight will discolour and fade the surface over time.  The easiest way to counteract this problem is to hang blinds or curtains to act as a filter where direct sunlight enters a room.

Regular Maintenance

The amount of cleaning/maintenance your coated floor will require depends entirely on the volume of traffic it has to cope with and factors such as what proximity it is in to external dirt and grit areas, even children and pets can have an effect as they are less likely to worry about bringing dirt into the house.  Taking these factors into account a regular cleaning and maintenance regime should be established to keep your floor looking as good as new.

Daily or Weekly Tasks

We recommend the use of anti-static dust mops to clean dirt and dust.  In general we would not advise the use of a vacuum cleaner as the brushes on the head can wear down leading to scratching of the surface by the metal.

Weekly or Monthly Tasks

The floor should be washed preferably using Ed's Floor Sanding Polyclean.  This product has been formulated specifically to maintain polyurethane coated surfaces - ask your applicator to supply you with a bottle.  Use a ratio of 1 cup Polyclean to 5 litres of water as hot as possible and use a mop.  After application clean the mop in warm water, wring out and wipe off any excess to leave only a damp finish on the surface.  Try to avoid using abrasive cleaning products or strong detergents.