Which Floor Sanding system will work best for you?

Ed's Floor Sanding can apply a variety of system finishes to match your requirements as follows:

  • Your personal preference for matt, satin or gloss finish.
  • Whether you want to enhance the natural look of your timber floor.
  • Is the floor to be coated a high or low traffic area?

Whatever your requirements are there is a Ed's Floor Sanding System to suit.

gloss finish wood floorGloss System Finish

  • A deep glossy high quality coating which brings out and highlights the richness of the timber's colours and adds a spacious feel to the room.
  • Ed's Floor Sanding can supply  water based systems as well as single pack and two pack solvent based systems, all producing a glossy finish.
  • One pack systems do not have to be mixed.  Two pack systems have two components which are mixed before application to commence the chemical process which will cure the product to produce a hard finish.
  • Either system will give you a beautiful, long lasting result.

Satin System Finish

  • Satin finish is a 'softer' version of the gloss finish with a silky smooth look.
  • Ed's Floor Sanding uses their basic solvent based system but the finishing coats are Unithane Satin.

Matt System Finish

  • Matt gives a more natural, subtle finish enhancing the timber's natural patina but combining it with a more warm, glowing feel than bare timber.
  • The matt finish has the Ed's Floor Sanding solvent based system but the finishing coats are Unithane Matt.

school gym floor sandingNon-Slip System Finish

  • This is the ideal finish for sports purposes.  It provides a non-slip surface and a natural looking finish using Ed's Floor Sanding Tung Oil.
  • A Tung Oil finish is perfect for assembly and exhibition halls as well as sports stadiums to give a long lasting, non-slip finish to heavy traffic areas.
  • Regular cleaning and treatment with a liquid polish is required for Ed's Floor Sanding Tung Oil floors.

Water-Based System Finish

  • The water based Ed's Floor Sanding System is the latest innovation to compliment the original solvent based finishes.
  • This finish is much more user friendly if allergies or sensitivities need to be taken into account.   Whilst still available in both gloss and satin the finish has a more natural, lighter look.
  • In general this finish is fairly odour free and cures quickly.  The surface can usually handle light traffic 24 hours after application.
  • This is another finish sometimes used for sports floors as line markings are clearer and it provides a light look which photographs well.