Information on your Ed's Floor Sanding floor

Coatings applied by Ed's Floor Sanding will be dry in around 24 hours but will not be hardened off for around another 10-14 days.  The following guidelines need to be adhered to for newly coated floors.

    refinished wood floor hallway
  • The floor can be walked on in stockinged feet after 24 hours if necessary but walking on it in outdoor footwear should be avoided for 7 days after application.
  • Only 10% of curing occurs in the first 24 hours, the other 90% of the hardening process will happen over the next 10-14 days. Therefore any heavy furniture should not be placed on the surface until after the 14 days.  Lighter furniture (with appropriate protective pads on contact points) may be relocated but do not drag furniture as this may damage the surface.
  • When replacing heavy items, such as fridges, again do not drag these into position on the newly coated floor.
  • Do not lay rugs for 2 weeks after application.


A maintenance coat should be applied before the surface is showing excessive wear as the sanding process will not have to repeated for this application thus saving expense.

There is no specific timeframe for this to be done as wear and tear on the surface will differ from job to job depending on volume of traffic the surface has to cope with.

Make sure the applicator notes what materials were used, and the date, on the Ed's Floor Sanding sticker.

This sticker should be inside a cupboard in the vicinity of the treated floor as a record when future work may be required.  If and when recoating is required this information is vital to enable compatible materials to be used.